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How Much Does It Cost?

Typical fees are $195 per hour for diamond (centers) of .50 up to 1.99cts. for a typical engagement ring.

If you simply require a consultation, the identical examination of qualitative and quantitative features are explored and discussed. However this is a $150 hourly fee.

(In the event that you decide to proceed with the entire written report, the $150. will be posted to the $195. so that you would simply pay $45. additional, provided it is within a 7-10 day period).
2.00-3.99 cts. $295 per hour
4.00-4.99 cts. $395 per hour
5.00-7.00 cts. $495 per hour

Above 7 cts quoted on a case by case basis

An engagement ring with a semi mount with side diamonds is usually one hour.

Reports are delivered via pdf format. Bound copies may be delivered as well upon completion for an additional $5.00.

Half, full day, weekly assignments, expert witness fees, time sensitive reports for probate/dissolution and special assignments must be scheduled. Fees are estimated on a case by case basis and based upon time/travel.

Addeo Appraisals accepts all major credit cards, as well as PayPal and Venmo.