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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Typical fees are $195 per hour for diamond (centers) of .50 to 1.99cts.
2.00-3.99 cts. $295 per hour
4.00-4.99 cts. $395 per hour
5.00-7.00 cts. $495 per hour

Above 7 cts quoted on a case by case basis

An engagement ring with a semi mount with side diamonds is usually one hour.

Reports are delivered via pdf format. Bound copies may be delivered as well upon completion for an additional $5.00.

Half, full day, weekly assignments, expert witness fees, time sensitive reports for probate/dissolution and special assignments must be scheduled. Fees are estimated on a case by case basis and based upon time/travel.

Can I wait while the appraisal is done?

The examination process can be performed while you wait depending on the number of items and time needed to effect the assignment. However, the report will follow within a few days. We will inform you if the examination requires further research.

Do you have to take my stone out?

This usually isn’t necessary. However, should there be questionable issues regarding ‘treatments’ or clarity requiring removal for specific determinations, we will do so only with your approval.

How do I know I’ll be getting my same item back?

Addeo Appraisals has provided gemological services for clients for three generations. It has been our pleasure to work with clients such as yourself to care for their family jewelry needs. We work with fine jewelry items from base prices of seven figures to less than ten dollars. They are all priceless to us and to our clients; we promise to care for them with respect and to review them with you upon ‘intake’.

Where would I sell this? Who would buy it? What should I do?

We acknowledge your concerns, understandably. We will discuss all the possibilities and options available.

Are your jewelry appraiser services available throughout Florida?

Yes. We are located in Lake Mary, a short distance from Orlando, but serve the entire Florida community.